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Scorpio New Moon 11/09/2015

Posted by simplyastrology in Full Moon/New Moon, Moon Cycles.
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New Moon in Scorpio
Nov 11 @ 12:48p ET/9:48a PT

New Moons are an opportunity to ‘begin again.’ The trick is to determine WHAT to begin again. With this year’s Scorpio Moon, the way to identify what will best suit your path is to look inside yourself…be introspective. You need to engage in self-examination and soul-searching. That does not mean you dredge up all your old angst; it means you ‘look’ at your past and how mistakes have made you better AND how many times you’ve made the right choice either thoughtfully or by chance. Then, decide what to do next to move forward. What is it you truly want. You can find the magic already in your life; you can start over and create new magic. It is all within and these are the perfect planetary influences to help you.

First, Mercury is in partnership with the Moon and Sun. Mercury rules your ability to think. Since the New Moon is a time of darkness, you have a period when you can mull things over without the pressure of making a decision. Take some time to think about what you want…dream. Second, Jupiter is in a complimentary position to the Moon, Sun and Mercury. Jupiter brings optimism. So, you can find something positive in even the most difficult past challenges. Finally, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and Moon are in a special configuration with Uranus. It’s called a YOD – sometimes called the “Finger of God” or the “Finger of Fate.” (It’s not a fickle finger of fate.) The YOD pulls all the energies together, harmoniously,  for your use. All you have to do is put all you’ve learned to work for you.

Uranus will shake things up for you. Mercury will aid your planning. Jupiter will establish your desire. The Sun and Moon have created the New Moon, your starting point. Ready? Get set. Gooooo!