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Saturn, Pluto and Anger 04/18/2018

Posted by simplyastrology in Life Cycles, Relationships.
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This is the first time in my life that both the winners and the losers in an election are angry. And, a full year, later everyone is still furious. Families and/or friends are still not speaking. Holidays are fractured events, coffee klatches abandoned.

Pluto, the destroyer, has done its job. No one likes it — no one. But the reality is that this country is flawed and needs to rebuild. In the past, however, we have shored up the crumbling facade and kept living in a structure that needed to be gutted and rebuilt. So, Pluto has taken things in hand. Pluto represents the total ‘gut job’ that reveals the “termites, rotted beams, substandard wiring, corroded plumbing, and unsupported outer shell” we’ve been ignoring. But all is not lost. And, the country is only a reflection of individual turmoils.

Saturn is making its 28-year trek through the zodiac and is headed towards Pluto, soon – very soon. Saturn, while in its ruling sign of Capricorn, is in a strong position. We can take the time to look at the real problems inside and outside ourselves. We can start to rebuild, solidly, in our lives, or we can try to skate by with quick fixes. Just be warned, Pluto is ready to annihilate shoddy work so do it right. The way to put out the fires of anger is to demolish the old structure and start again.

Maybe you can help heal relationships with lost family and friends. Or, maybe you must start anew. If you use the warnings of Pluto to avoid fooling yourself, and the strength of Saturn to create a strong, new foundation, the anger will fade and you will be making room for the new positive energy you want in your life. This is not about changing others to meet your needs; it is about changing yourself to meet your needs. Just be patient with, and kind to with yourself along the way.