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Moon Moods for Nov 30 – Dec 6 11/30/2015

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Moon Moods
Nov 30 – Dec 6

Monday and Tuesday
The Moon is in Leo as the week begins. This strongly “me” centered energy will bring out the kinder side. The way to soothe one’s ego will be to feel you are helping the wheels go smoothly. Take advantage of this easy energy to undertake difficult tasks. Whether you are catering to another, or someone is pampering you, it will feel fulfilling. Arguments fade away with just a little flexibility on your part. No matter how much of a challenge you meet, it only takes gracious words, gestures or attitudes on your behalf to keep life upbeat and pleasant. BE NICE.
The Moon enters its void in Leo on Tuesday @ 10:09 PM ET/7:09 PM PT. It’s late enough to lead to pleasant dreams. And, if you’re still up and about, make sure you treat yourself and those around you very well. A lovely dessert, a generous tip, a truly grateful smile or a loving hug will tie up this period quite nicely.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
The Moon enters Virgo on Wednesday @ 5:09 AM ET/2:09 AM PT. So the day will start with Tuesday’s energy still lingering in the air, but with a bit of an edge you may not be able to identify. Follow your instincts. Virgo energy pushes you to either hide your head in the sand or check every detail. Avoid getting bogged down but check every detail. Things may not be as they seem, or you may miscalculate. Work carefully. Double check your numbers, facts, etc. Be prepared if you are challenged about details. If you don’t have the facts, don’t pretend you do. Also, be careful how much you commit to do. It will be easy to find you have more on your plate than can be accomplished with the resources at hand. Make commitments with restraint. Apportion your time even more carefully than you budget your money.
The Moon enters its void in Virgo on Thursday @ 11:59 PM ET/8:59 PM PT. It’s difficult to wrap up the week when you spend a chunk of Friday in this energy. It’s especially challenging because Libra energy clicks in with a strong push. Spend the void period finishing, finishing, finishing. This is also a good time to clear your desk or work area of papers and/or materials that you do not need. Make things tidy and orderly.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
The Moon enters Libra on Friday @ 5:33 PM ET/2:33 PM PT. Whatever is left to do, do it. Leave things in order if you’re not working over the weekend, then head out. HOWEVER, if Saturday and Sunday are workdays, or you have serious commitments, minimize any Friday night fun. Both Saturday and Sunday have the potential to be very busy and the those around you may be pushy. Libra energy fairs best when you are diplomatic and gracious but circumstances often push boundaries and you might not have the tolerance you need. Be as flexible as you can.
The Moon enters its void period in Libra on Sunday @ 9:02 AM ET/6:02 PM PT. This may be the perfect time to write letters, read a book, check out the news. Think, then let go of the week. Because you’ll be sleeping during a void night, make sure you set your alarm clock or you might oversleep.

The Moon enters Scorpio on Monday @ 6:25 AM ET/3:25 AM PT