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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse-Feb 2017 02/12/2017

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It’s been over a year since I last posted anything. My reason?  We can know so much. We can try to share what we know. But, when it becomes information for information’s sake instead of sharing the soul of the matter, it is less worthy. So, today I am writing from more than what “I know” academically, but also from how I feel. . . .the vibes I’m receiving from both nature and the people around me.

Nature. Whenever we have weather disturbances around a full Moon, the outcomes are one-sided. Thus, as we approached Feb. 1oth, there was unexpected and devastating tornado activity in New Orleans which is still not fully recovered from Hurricane Katrina. Then the snow. If you were outside the snow belt, it did not come near you. And if you were in it, the snow accumulation was the highest predicted – 3″ to 5″ = 5″; 8″ to 12″ = 12″; up to 15″ = 15″. The eclipse intensified the Moon’s ability. And, this time I knew it in my heart even before the numbers started coming in.

People. The dynamic at a full Moon is usually one of “seeing” across the divide and trying to achieve a balance, identifying the flaws and strengths so one can make better decisions. However, this time around that was very difficult for the usual Moon-oppose-Sun configuration because two of the most disruptive planets are battling it out across their own opposition – Jupiter and Uranus. Rather than seek balance, Uranus wants the revolution. Rather than seek compromise Jupiter wants everything its own way. This is connecting the dynamite to its detonator; unless both sides begin to realize that there must be some compromise, we are in for a ‘big bang’. That makes us feel unsettled and anxious. And, the eclipse pushed the internal buttons, not the external stuff others see. It’s what’s bothering us inside that has us turned upside down and frantic. The world around us drives us to distraction because the world inside us feels overwhelmed.

Those are the vibes that are surrounding us. What we have to remember is that we must seek our own inner truth. Then, decide how to achieve inner peace while handling the crazy energy that is affecting our eco-system and ourselves. Nothing will go away. You really must decide to do what is necessary. Be the lady who held on to her baby during the tornado and the person who pulled out a shovel or snow blower and cleared the way.

Just one last message. The eclipse chart contained a GRAND TRINE (Uranus, Saturn and the Moon) that promises it will be OK. Just act (Uranus) prudently (Saturn) and from true concern for yourself and others (Moon).

Moon Moods for the Week of September 21 – 27 09/20/2015

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Autumnal Equinox
September 23 @ 4:20 am ET/1:20 am PT

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse
September 27 @ 10:51 pm ET/7:51 pm PT

Mercury is Retrograde

Moon Moods for the Week of
September 21 – 27

Moon Enters Sagittarius on Sep 18  @ 11:32 pm ET/8:32 pm PT
Moon is Void in Sagittarius from Sep 21  @ 5 am ET/2 am PT to Sep 21  @ 8:33 am ET/5:33 am PT
Although there are some trying aspects to the during the period leading up to the void, it all ends in the wee hours of the morning. You might have a restless sleep but that is the most you can expect. For those who work the graveyard shift, it will be important to be patient and tolerant after midnight.

Moon Enters Capricorn on Sep 21  @ 8:33 am ET/5:33 am PT
Monday and Tuesday present their challenges and some rewards. Monday is easier. People are distracted and not as demanding. However, Tuesday will be just the opposite. Be extremely careful with how you express yourself. You are working with Mercury retrograde which may inhibit communication. Pair that with a few power plays and the day becomes frustrating. Try to end your day on a good note. If you’re caution, you can ‘fix’ things on Wednesday.
Moon is Void in Capricorn from Sep 23  @ 4:20 am ET/1:20 am PT to Sep 23  @ 1:51 pm ET/10:51 am PT
The first part of Wednesday is spent in void energy. Take this time to finish projects, learn a new skill. You have a few hours; use them wisely.

Moon Enters Aquarius on Sep 23  @ 1:51 pm ET/10:51 am PT
Despite the Moon’s erratic energy, this is an easier time. Other than being careful with your money, you shouldn’t run into any road blocks. Just be flexible with your reactions. Remember that others have the responsibility and may need your cooperation when you feel like being stubborn. Bring your smile and yield a little. It will go a long way toward making your life a lot easier in the long run.
Moon is Void in Aquarius from Sep 25  @ 12:01 am ET/Sep 24  9:01 pm PT to Sep 25  @ 3:43:31 pm ET/12:43 pm PT
This long void usually means you can finish up whatever you started but it’s not the best for starting new projects. If you don’t work weekends, use Friday to put things in place for Monday if a new project is on the horizon. Make sure you finish old projects. Clean up, clear up.

Moon Enters Pisces on Sep 25  @ 3:43:31 pm ET/12:43 pm PT
Friday evening, Saturday and part of Sunday are probably a lot more difficult than you would like. Arguments or spats, especially over domestic matters, can simply boil over. Perhaps too much is expected. You can be too optimistic and overcommit your resources. The emotional pot may boil over if you are not careful.
Moon Void in Pisces from Sep 26  @ 7:38 am ET/4:38 am PT to Sep 27  @ 3:28 pm ET/12:28 pm PT
From Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, the lethargy of a void Moon will negatively affect you. Remember that it’s about how you feel whenever the Moon is in Pisces. Stop and consider…are you overreacting? Is there really a problem? If backing away means you leave unfinished tasks for later, then do so. Your energy and judgement will improve when the Moon changes signs.

Moon Enters Aries on Sep 27  @ 3:28 pm ET/12:28 pm PT
There are so many influences once Aries enters the picture. First, your energy level will increase. Don’t try to do everything, but choose what is important and you will have the energy to do whatever you want. The full Moon and Lunar eclipse occur tonight. It’s a time of clarity. If you are ready to forge ahead, you will see the truth of what is truly needed. You can see solutions. You can discriminate between creating your reality and indulging in pipe dreams.

Moon Moods – Sep 7 to Sep 13 09/07/2015

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This week the Moon passes through Cancer, Leo and Virgo
Venus is Direct At 14° Leo

New Moon in Virgo and Solar Eclipse
Sep 13 @ 2:42a ET/Sep 12 @ 11:42p PT

Moon Moods for Sep 7 – Sep 13

Moon in Cancer
Sep 6 @ 1:49p ET/10:49a PT to Sep 8 @ 10:36p ET/7:36p PT
For many Monday is the real end of summer. After Labor Day vacations come to a close and the stores will begin decorating for Christmas soon. Monday will put a lot of stresses into play. Power plays ramp up wherever you are. Remember, the moon is about how we handle feelings. So, you can easily allow little annoyances to blossom into arguments that you take to work on Tuesday. Try to stick with the intermittent times of optimism and bring that attitude when you return to work. Tuesday may be full of surprises. Not all that occurs will please you but it will be an interesting time. It is your attitude that will make or break this period.
Moon Void in Cancer – Sep 8 @ 9:29p ET/6:29p PT to Sep 8 @ 10:36p ET/7:36p PT
There is only about an hour of void time on Tuesday. You may not have enough minutes to complete a task or project. You might want to close your day and relax. Let go. There will be more than enough to do in the next few days.

Moon in Leo
Sep 8 @ 10:36p ET/7:36p PT to Sep 11 @ 9:56a ET/6:56a PT
As usual there is one sticky point when the moon occupies Leo…egos can rule the day. Wednesday and Thursday will be busy but not filled with drama unless you allow that to happen. You can handle any challenges you encounter. Be cooperative, not combative. Actually, you may not feel deeply committed to fighting for any particular situation, but your ego may goad you into thinking you should be more aggressive. Avoid spats, imposing your will or fighting authority. Just go with the flow. Do what is asked of you with a positive attitude.
Moon Void in Leo – Sep 11 @ 9:04a ET/6:04a PT to Sep 11 @ 9:56a ET/6:56a PT
Another short void period. So the morning starts off a little sluggishly. Use this void period to review your schedule. Make plans, but not too many plans. Remember you have a small window of opportunity to review what you have accomplished since the moon entered Leo, but not much time to do anything about it.

Moon in Virgo
Sep 11 @ 9:56a ET/6:56a PT to Sep 13 @ 10:41p ET/7:41p PT
Friday is an upbeat day. When Virgo rules the moon, you may take on more than you should. Virgo’s desire for perfection coupled with a general feeling of euphoria, could cause you to overdo. Keep your TO DO list tight. And do not write down all the details…just enough to keep you on track. The trick is to keep your head clear and focused on your tasks without being obsessed. There is a tendency to be so caught up that you are actually inattentive to your general surroundings. That can lead to miscalculations, errors and a general felling that you made a critical error. As soon as your mind says the word, CRITICAL, back away. The downside of the desire for perfection is you ruthlessly criticize whatever is not up to your standard, that includes self-criticism, thus obsession takes over.
Moon Void in Virgo – Sep 13 @ 10:08p ET/7:08p PT to Sep 13 @ 10:41p ET/7:41p PT
Another short void period during the end of Sunday evening. Take time for yourself. Decompress and prepare for your new week.

Moon in Libra
Sep 13 @ 10:41p ET/7:41p PT