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About Me, Dian Bustillo

Thank you for visiting my blog, Simply Astrology.

Like so many others, my first introduction to astrology was sun sign columns. I thought those columns were Astrology and fretted when they missed the mark for me. Then, I read a book entitled, “Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs.” Ms. Goodman presented the concept that an individual is describe not only by his or her sun sign, but also by the role that person plays in our lives – spouse, child, boss, parent. She made it clear that one needed a birth chart analysis to begin to understand another person. But, I just didn’t know how to get the information I really needed to know. So, armed with this one book, I began to read the signs that affected my life and compare the information to the people I knew. It really worked! My eyes opened wider each time I read her material but, I still didn’t know how to learn more, but I kept Ms. Goodman’s book handy and used it as skillfully as I could.

When I began my teaching career, I found Ms. Goodman’s take on sun signs more helpful in handling twenty-seven diverse 5-year olds than some of the pedagogical textbooks I had studied for four years. I carefully arranged activities and groups based on the various sun signs and found the learning process improved and disciplinary problems diminished. Additionally, I watched how these young children behaved when they were dropped off and picked up. And, I found out the parents’ sun signs which helped me anticipate my students’ reactions to and interactions with their parents.

Several years later I found a gifted astrologer and teacher. During those early years we revised her course textbook and I assisted her efforts to write and publish her book on astrology and dyslexia. Within a few years I was invited to present my first lecture on “The Evolutionary Journey,” one of the first advanced studies of the Moon I had undertaken. Soon I began to give readings as a professional astrologer. And, when my mentor retired, she asked me to assume her teaching load.

I enjoy working with beginners most of all because they keep me in touch with the basics of my craft. I’ve been a guest astrologer on cable television, guest-written website articles for colleagues, and been honored to have articles accepted for publication in “The Mountain Astrologer,” the premier magazine for astrology buffs.

I’m dedicated to the premise that life is a series of repeat patterns. Once we understand how these cycles function, we can make them work for us.  The result of this shift in focus can be a life of joy and fulfillment. My vision of astrology’s purpose is influenced by my desire to: 1) keep things as simple as possible, 2) encourage individuals to be as consistent as human existence will allow, and 3) help others triumph by honoring their individual life cycles.

I do hope you’ll visit often. My take on the stars?
“Everyone can benefit from Astrology; just keep it simple.”



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