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July 22, 2018 – No Lemonade from these Lemons 07/15/2018

Posted by simplyastrology in Life Cycles, Mars Retrograde, Mercury Retrograde, Moon Cycles.
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I’m always looking to make lemonade from lemons but sometimes there’s just no sugar around and we have to accept that lemons will be lemons.

July 22nd is just one of those days. The Sun enters its rulership, Leo. so, it’s truly feeling its strength – flexing powerful muscles. The Moon enters Sagittarius early in the day and gives new meaning to ‘carelessness’ and ‘tactlessness’. Mars is still retrograde which is like watching a racing car going backward at 100 mph. And, Mercury is only three days away from its retrograde and already toying with one’s sanity.

July 22nd is going to be a heck of a day. Whether it’s egos, fires, lies & deceit, unsafe speeds, computer glitches, car problems or missing papers, we’re in for a ride of a day.

Stay calm. Breathe deeply. Start the day with a centering meditation. There’s no sugar for these lemons, so make mild ‘lemon water’. Power down your own batteries and let the day pass. July 23rd is another day.