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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse-Feb 2017 02/12/2017

Posted by simplyastrology in Eclipses, Full Moon/New Moon, Moon Cycles.

It’s been over a year since I last posted anything. My reason?  We can know so much. We can try to share what we know. But, when it becomes information for information’s sake instead of sharing the soul of the matter, it is less worthy. So, today I am writing from more than what “I know” academically, but also from how I feel. . . .the vibes I’m receiving from both nature and the people around me.

Nature. Whenever we have weather disturbances around a full Moon, the outcomes are one-sided. Thus, as we approached Feb. 1oth, there was unexpected and devastating tornado activity in New Orleans which is still not fully recovered from Hurricane Katrina. Then the snow. If you were outside the snow belt, it did not come near you. And if you were in it, the snow accumulation was the highest predicted – 3″ to 5″ = 5″; 8″ to 12″ = 12″; up to 15″ = 15″. The eclipse intensified the Moon’s ability. And, this time I knew it in my heart even before the numbers started coming in.

People. The dynamic at a full Moon is usually one of “seeing” across the divide and trying to achieve a balance, identifying the flaws and strengths so one can make better decisions. However, this time around that was very difficult for the usual Moon-oppose-Sun configuration because two of the most disruptive planets are battling it out across their own opposition – Jupiter and Uranus. Rather than seek balance, Uranus wants the revolution. Rather than seek compromise Jupiter wants everything its own way. This is connecting the dynamite to its detonator; unless both sides begin to realize that there must be some compromise, we are in for a ‘big bang’. That makes us feel unsettled and anxious. And, the eclipse pushed the internal buttons, not the external stuff others see. It’s what’s bothering us inside that has us turned upside down and frantic. The world around us drives us to distraction because the world inside us feels overwhelmed.

Those are the vibes that are surrounding us. What we have to remember is that we must seek our own inner truth. Then, decide how to achieve inner peace while handling the crazy energy that is affecting our eco-system and ourselves. Nothing will go away. You really must decide to do what is necessary. Be the lady who held on to her baby during the tornado and the person who pulled out a shovel or snow blower and cleared the way.

Just one last message. The eclipse chart contained a GRAND TRINE (Uranus, Saturn and the Moon) that promises it will be OK. Just act (Uranus) prudently (Saturn) and from true concern for yourself and others (Moon).


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