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Moon Moods for Nov 23 – 29 11/23/2015

Posted by simplyastrology in Full Moon/New Moon, Moon Cycles.

Moon Moods
Nov 23 – Nov 29
Full Moon
Nov 25 @ 5:44 PM ET/2:44 PM PT

Monday and Tuesday
The Moon enters Taurus on Monday @ 11:35 AM ET/8:25 AM PT. That means you begin your Monday during a void Aries energy. Despite the void, this is not a “down time.” Aries will give a last push in the dark. Keep your wits about you. Life will slow down as soon as Taurus enters the picture. However, it will be Taurus with a purpose. Monday and Tuesday should be more harmonious than you might expect. The key is to be calm and focused. Whether you are shopping, working, or traveling, a deliberate, sensible approach will bring positive results.
The Taurus void period starts Tuesday @ 8:25 PM ET/5:25 PM PT. Use this time to wrap up loose ends. Pull things together. You have a few hours on Wednesday as well. You may have regrets if you haven’t used your time well during this void.

Wednesday and Thursday
The Moon enters Gemini on Wednesday @ 12:15 PM ET/9:15 AM PT. Wednesday is the more challenging day for two reasons. First, you move from mellow Taurus to cantankerous Gemini. Second, the Moon is full on Wednesday and we know the craziness of a full Moon. Instead of yielding to the tensions in the air, stop and really observe body language, facial expressions and even one’s choice of words. The plus of the full Moon is insight and clarity. This is a cycle when thinking twice will save you much drama. My best advice, however, is for you to wait until Friday afternoon if you intend to start your Christmas shopping this weekend.
The Gemini void period starts Thursday @ 10:35 PM ET/7:53 PM PT. If you don’t have to work on Friday, stay home and out of the stores. Just enjoy the time off. Read, call friends, start addressing your Christmas cards.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
The Moon enters Cancer on Friday @ 2:26 PM ET/11:26 AM PT. Experiment with leftovers, indulge in a pie-fest, enjoy your family. The teasing, differences and similarities are all part of the fabric…memories. However, some of you must work. Look at your work situation as a family get-together with all the fun and dysfunction. The way to keep your sanity is to 1) avoid needless confrontations, 2) all the people in charge to have the last word, and 3) expect things to change no matter how well you planned originally.
The Cancer void period starts on Sunday @ 7:45 AM ET/4:45 AM PT. This void period lasts for 12 hours. The best thing to do on a void Sunday is nothing. However, if you need to return items, this is the time to do it.

The Moon enters Leo today @ 7:47 PM ET/4:47 PM PT. If you’re out and about, the tone may change significantly. Leo energy often invites irritations to the ego. Since many people are bustling about with shopping, or rushing to return home for Monday, it will be easy to lose a temper or be self-centered. If you’re giving it out, say you’re sorry and “mean” it. Otherwise, make allowances for others who are just to preoccupied with their own needs to comprehend that they were impolite or oblivious. End the week well. You know this will pass as well.

Happy Thanksgiving


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