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Moon Moods for Nov 16-22 11/16/2015

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Moon Moods for Nov 16-22

The Moon entered Capricorn on Saturday @ 7:21 PM ET/4:21 PM PT
A Capricorn Moon is a good way to start the week. Time to handle responsibilities at work. There may be many unexpected duties, but nothing you can’t handle if you are flexible and open. Be ready to change direction. It’s not time to be stubborn; it’s time to listen, evaluate and act. Just because the idea didn’t come from you does not mean you are not being a leader.
The Capricorn Moon enters a void period @ 3:52 PM ET/12:52 PM PT. The plans you’ve put in place can be completed before the day is over. Use the void to finish up.
The Moon enters Aquarius @ 11:24 PM PT.

Tuesday & Wednesday
The Moon enters Aquarius on Tuesday @ 2:24 AM ET. So we all awaken to sparkling Aquarius energy. On Tuesday most problems have easy solutions. Take advantage of the easier flow. Share ideas. Be confident when you offer ideas. No need to push, just plant the seed. The energy is strong but not pushy so you may have a tendency to see solutions and put them off, or, worse, ignore them as too easy. Don’t waste your Tuesday energy. Wednesday, on the other hand, is a little more challenging. You might pick the wrong words and end up in a tiff you did not expect. That’s why it’s important to handle as many tricky/sticky issues as possible on Tuesday.
The Aquarius Moon enters its void period on Thursday @ 3:19 AM ET/12:19 AM PT. Most of us will sleep through this one. So, pleasant dreams.

Thursday & Friday
The Moon enters Pisces on Thursday @ 7:21 AM ET/4:21 AM PT. Most of Thursday may seem like you’re working in a fog or without the support, supervision or tools you need. As the day develops that ‘feeling’ will get stronger. Take time to plan on paper. You don’t want to forget any details or assignments. Write it down. When the day is over you may want a drink of whatever beverage you like to calm your nerves – wine, vodka, milk or water. Be extremely prudent. Meditation and sleep will probably be a better option. Friday is less irritating but equally taxing as you may end the week with more leftover work than you prefer. Remember, it’s just another passing cycle.
The Pisces Moon enters its void period on Saturday @ 8:22 AM ET/5:22 AM PT. This is a short period – only 2 hours. Delay starting your day’s work. Take a little extra time over your morning coffee or reading the newspaper, or meditating. Get your head in the right place for an interesting Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday & Sunday
The Moon enters Aries on Saturday @ 10:12 AM ET/7:21 AM PT. First, Aries definitely ignites the day. We are at a very busy season. Be careful at the wheel. Take time when you make purchases. Avoid rushing or being hasty. Everything and everybody is on the move and moving fast. Although Saturday is the easier day of the two, this is not an easy weekend. The push to move, do, finish is going full speed. Although you can probably get cooperation, you may not have the patience you need to do the diplomatic thing. Whether you are the customer or the clerk, it will be easy to turn a simple request into a tug of war without knowing how you got there. Sunday can be a tug of war because compromise is not in the air. If you let negativity take hold before the void, you will ruin your weekend. Despite the impetuosity of an Aries Moon, it can also bring out your charmingly impish side. Think positive; think twice.
The Aries Moon enters its void period on Sunday @ 2:19 PM ET/11:19 AM ET. Decompress and let the day die away. Leave stress behind.


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