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Moon Moods for Nov 9 – 15 11/09/2015

Posted by simplyastrology in Moon Cycles.

Moon Moods
New Moon in Scorpio
Nov 11th @ 12:48p ET/9:48p PT

The Libra Moon is in a void period until 11:02 pm ET/8:02 pm PT. This void started Saturday and lasted throughout the weekend. Expect to be a little out of kilter on Monday. It will be difficult to start things. If you felt like you didn’t do much over the weekend, that feeling will continue through today. If you felt you completed many tasks, then you used this long void period wisely. Continue “finishing” tasks.
The Moon enters Scorpio today @ 11:02 pm ET/8:02 pm PT

Tuesday, Wednesday & early Thursday
With the Moon in Scorpio you may feel emotionally drained when demands are placed upon you. Take things in stride. Look for creative ways to solve problems. Stop, close your eyes and see the solution. Then make your plan practical. Leave room to make changes but move forward. Don’t be stubborn or so opinionated that you can’t recognize acceptable alternatives. Look for the win-win in every challenge.
The Scorpio Moon enters a void period on Thursday @ 9:54 am ET/6:54 am PT. You may be at your wits’ end but this is a short void period – less than 20 minutes – so hold your tongue and think twice. No need to encourage a tiff. Be flexible.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday
The Moon enters Sagittarius on Thursday @ 10:13 am ET/7:13 am PT. If you were smart and thought first rather than argue, any compromise will produce surprisingly pleasant results. Even if you lost your temper, you still have an opportunity to amend your position with positive results. There aren’t a lot of ‘downs’ for this period. You are less prone to over commit your time and/or resources, so you can remain in a good place, mentally and emotionally. A few of your more grandiose plans may not work out, but you won’t be terribly upset in the long run . . . only for the short term.
The Sagittarius Moon enters a void period on Friday @ 10:18 pm ET/7:18 pm PT. You will spend much of Saturday under this influence. Line up tasks to finish. Try to avoid being lazy and decadent. You may prefer doing nothing. You may be too lazy to be playful. Go outdoors and do something.

Saturday & Sunday
The Moon enters Capricorn on Saturday @ 7:21 pm ET/4:21 pm PT. If you’re out late, be caution about verbal encounters. There is a distinct possibility that you’re drawn to argue or be irritated. If so, you’ll show it. Don’t let bickering or other negative encounters define your weekend. Sunday is influenced by your attitude. Even if you have to work, remember that you can treat responsibilities as overwhelming or as opportunities to use your imagination and skills. You also have permission to engage others if you need help. Sidle up to them and get cooperation and the hands you require.


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