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Moon Moods for Nov 2 – 8 11/01/2015

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Moon Moods
Nov 2-9

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Moon void in Cancer @ 2:07am ET/Sunday @ 11:07pm PT
The day starts with emotional Cancer coloring the way you think about things. Before you leave that energy behind, review your weekend’s thoughts and activities. Plan your Monday knowing you will make changes. But it’s always a good idea to incorporate that ‘caring’ energy into your original thoughts.
The Cancer void period ends and the Moon enters Leo on Monday @ ET/7:47am PT.
It’s important to use today’s time carefully and wisely as there is a long void during the Leo Moon. Take out your plans, set out your action steps to make your plans work, especially anything dealing with contracts, lectures, meetings and internet or telephone communication. Tackle the hard things. As Monday fades into Tuesday, you’ll find the going is easier. Remember that Leo is a strong and, sometimes, overpowering energy. Don’t use this time to push others around. Use your best diplomatic skills to convince others that your ideas are the more productive. Emphasize what can be accomplished.
The Leo void begins on Tuesday at 7:23am ET/4:23am PT.
It’s void all day. You have the energy to do anything you put into motion before the void. Even big jobs are doable. There will be enough time. That is the plus side of void energy…you get to finish what you started, no matter how big the job. The minus is that you might be tempted to laziness.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
The Leo void period ends and the Moon enters Virgo on Wednesday @ 9:22pm ET/6:22pm PT.
After such a long void period it may be a challenge to tackle all the details coming at you Thursday and Friday. You’ll find more challenges on Thursday. “Was your plan more productive?” “Did you see things clearly?” Take a deep breath. You can choose to treat the stress as a reason to be argumentative. You can doubt your ability. BUT, it’s really an opportunity to show how well you planned and how willing you are to make needed adjustments. Stay calm on Thursday and slide through Friday. Take some time to exhale on Friday. You did it!
The Virgo void begins on Saturday @ 7:47am ET/4:47am PT.
It lasts only a few hours and you may actually sleep through it. If you have an early schedule for Saturday, make sure you set your alarm clock. Otherwise, enjoy the extra sleep.

Saturday and Sunday
The Virgo void ends and the Moon enters Libra on Saturday @ 10:14am ET/7:14am PT.
Do you clean the house, wash the car, perform yard work on Saturdays? If so, get on it. Don’t stress it, just do it. Be prepared to deal with missing items…detergent? tools? Be flexible and good humored. A good attitude will make things right. Sunday, on the other hand, may actually be a little more stressful. Perhaps someone who has power over you will flex his/her muscles. Perhaps you planned well and your plans go awry in an unexpected way. The strongest energy Libra brings to the table is diplomacy and strength. Draw on these talents to get you through. All Moon cycles…easy and stressful…are just cycles. They come and go. This one ends Monday evening. Bring all your brilliance, ingenuity and wisdom to this one. It is what the Libra Moon is all about.


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