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Moon Moods for October 26 – Nov 1 10/26/2015

Posted by simplyastrology in Full Moon/New Moon, Life Cycles, Moon Cycles.

Full Moon in Taurus
Oct 27 8:06 AM ET/5:06 AM PT

This is a very earth-bound Full Moon. Keep your thoughts and actions as concrete and practical as you can. Despite the Moon’s strong influence on how one ‘feels’, there is mutiny in the air. Five (5) planets are in very flexible signs. These planets, which include playful Jupiter and impish Mars, may inspire you to engage in impractical actions. It will seem like fun while you’re doing it. Do not let these guys fool you. However, do let go a little and enjoy. They are urging you to live, not just exist.

Moon enters Aries
Oct 25 @ 2:22 AM ET/Oct 24 @ 11:22 PM PT
Moon enters void @ 8:26 AM ET/5:26 AM PT
Despite the intense Aries energy, the day does not move as quickly as you might like while it hangs out in the void. Use this time to gather information and organize your schedule. It’s best to put off new projects today but remember to generate your schedule for the week. Examine your to-do list carefully and watch for quirky items that might prove more difficult to handle In general it’s a decent week but you can step it up by employing some Aries’ drive. If you have any difficult meetings, take time to double-check your facts. Your thinking might not be clear. Double check times, places and/or directions.
Moon enters Taurus at 11:08 PM PT, Monday

Tuesday & Wednesday
Moon enters Taurus @ 2:07 AM ET
The Full Moon starts the day. This is a double duty day. First, your dealings with the opposite sex might seem difficult. Breathe and keep your wits about you. Second, the Full Moon helps make every thing clear and more open. You can’t hide much and not much can be hidden from you.
For those who write, design or are managers/owners your interactions, projects and tasks will move along smoothly. Do all you can and enjoy any cooperation you receive. It’s natural to want to be helpful right now.
Void in Taurus, Oct 28 @ 11:20 AM ET/8:20 AM PT
Remember that void periods are excellent for finishing the old. Put the finishing touches on whatever needs doing and get to bed early. You’ll want to be at your best Thursday and Friday.
Moon enters Gemini @ 11:24 PM PT, Wednesday

Thursday & Friday
Moon enters Gemini @ 2:24 AM ET
Prepare for two days of changing winds. Your job is to go with the flow. Be flexible in thoughts and deeds. Stand up for what you believe but that does not mean you have to beat the other person into submission. Make sure your needs are included on some level and then be gracious. The atmosphere can be as pleasant or as toxic as you allow.
Void in Gemini, Oct 30 @ 10:51 PM ET/7:51 PM PT
With such a late void period, it’s best to just end your day, get some sleep and be ready for Saturday’s adventures.

Saturday & Sunday
Moon enters Cancer @ 5:09 AM ET/2:09 AM    PT
This promises to be a pleasant weekend. It’s not just the Halloween festivities, but your reactions. This is a time of simple joys. If you’re not in the habit of wearing costumes, think about doing it this year. Just let your hair down and have a good time. If Halloween is not your thing, then take in a movie, visit a favorite museum or park. Look up a new age store and join them for a meditation hour. Do whatever makes you feel free in body, mind and spirit.


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