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Sep 28-Oct 4 Moon Moods 09/28/2015

Posted by simplyastrology in Full Moon/New Moon.

Mercury is Retrograde
Moon Moods
Sep 28 – Oct 4

Moon Enters Aries
Sep 27 2015 @ 3:28 PM ET/12:28 PM PT
Monday is a challenging day. First, you are in the ‘rush-rush’ sign, Aries. Second, anyone you push will push back. You may even find yourself in a verbal power play. The stakes are high so be careful what you say and to whom you express any discontent. Remember that your discontent is temporary unless you make it a permanent problem. Things will improve on Tuesday.
Moon Void in Aries
Sep 29 2015 @ 3:44 AM ET/12:44 AM PT
Despite the void, you should feel better Tuesday morning…more amenable…more relaxed.
Moon Leaves Aries
Sep 29 2015 @ 2:56 PM ET/11:56 AM PT

Moon Enters Taurus
Sep 29 2015 @ 2:56 PM ET/11:56 AM PT
Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday thrive under this softer influence, the days will be easier…less stressful. The pace is also slower. Remember that the rush of Aries is always tempered when the Moon moves to Taurus. You enjoy talking. Even with the Mercury retrograde (communication glitches), there is a meeting of minds. The atmosphere is optimistic and pleasant. Don’t get too carried away with spending your money. It’s easy to buy in haste, regret in leisure.
Void in Taurus
Oct 1 2015 @ 6:43 AM ET/3:43 AM PT
If you regret that bought an item, you may have success trying to return it during the void. Otherwise, just use this time to complete unfinished tasks. There’s something about Taurus energy that urges us to be responsible and focused.
Moon Leaves Taurus
Oct 1 2015 @ 4:03 PM ET/1:03 PM PT

Moon Enters Gemini
Oct 1 2015 @ 4:03 PM ET/1:03 PM PT
Thursday, Friday and Saturday will feel like seesaw days. As usual Gemini makes one spontaneous. So one moment you’re in tune, the next you feel like you’re talking to a wall…or maybe the wall is talking to you – in gibberish. Despite the crazy feeling, these are cheery days. A little bit of dreaming, a little bit of optimism, and a bit of merriment.
Moon Void in Gemini
Oct 3 2015 @ 1:18 PM ET/10:18 AM PT
During this void period, have a meal or a movie with a friend. Time will stretch to fit whatever you decide to do.
Moon Leaves Gemini
Oct 3 2015 @ 8:21 PM ET/5:21 PM PT

Moon Enters Cancer
Oct 3 2015 @ 8:21 PM ET/5:21 PM PT
Sunday is the real day in this period. You have some time Saturday evening, but all day Sunday the Moon resides in Cancer. Although there isn’t much negative energy, you may feel like Gemini’s crazy energy is still invading your world. Do what you can to go with the flow.
Moon Void in Cancer
Oct 4 2015 @ 5:41 PM ET/2:41 PM PT
Decompress if you can. Relax. the pace sharpens on Monday. You will need your stamina. Use this void to lay back and put up your feet. Monday is soon enough to go back to conquering the world.
Moon Leaves Cancer
Oct 6 2015 @ 4:30 AM ET/1:30 AM PT


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