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Moon Moods – Sep 7 to Sep 13 09/07/2015

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This week the Moon passes through Cancer, Leo and Virgo
Venus is Direct At 14° Leo

New Moon in Virgo and Solar Eclipse
Sep 13 @ 2:42a ET/Sep 12 @ 11:42p PT

Moon Moods for Sep 7 – Sep 13

Moon in Cancer
Sep 6 @ 1:49p ET/10:49a PT to Sep 8 @ 10:36p ET/7:36p PT
For many Monday is the real end of summer. After Labor Day vacations come to a close and the stores will begin decorating for Christmas soon. Monday will put a lot of stresses into play. Power plays ramp up wherever you are. Remember, the moon is about how we handle feelings. So, you can easily allow little annoyances to blossom into arguments that you take to work on Tuesday. Try to stick with the intermittent times of optimism and bring that attitude when you return to work. Tuesday may be full of surprises. Not all that occurs will please you but it will be an interesting time. It is your attitude that will make or break this period.
Moon Void in Cancer – Sep 8 @ 9:29p ET/6:29p PT to Sep 8 @ 10:36p ET/7:36p PT
There is only about an hour of void time on Tuesday. You may not have enough minutes to complete a task or project. You might want to close your day and relax. Let go. There will be more than enough to do in the next few days.

Moon in Leo
Sep 8 @ 10:36p ET/7:36p PT to Sep 11 @ 9:56a ET/6:56a PT
As usual there is one sticky point when the moon occupies Leo…egos can rule the day. Wednesday and Thursday will be busy but not filled with drama unless you allow that to happen. You can handle any challenges you encounter. Be cooperative, not combative. Actually, you may not feel deeply committed to fighting for any particular situation, but your ego may goad you into thinking you should be more aggressive. Avoid spats, imposing your will or fighting authority. Just go with the flow. Do what is asked of you with a positive attitude.
Moon Void in Leo – Sep 11 @ 9:04a ET/6:04a PT to Sep 11 @ 9:56a ET/6:56a PT
Another short void period. So the morning starts off a little sluggishly. Use this void period to review your schedule. Make plans, but not too many plans. Remember you have a small window of opportunity to review what you have accomplished since the moon entered Leo, but not much time to do anything about it.

Moon in Virgo
Sep 11 @ 9:56a ET/6:56a PT to Sep 13 @ 10:41p ET/7:41p PT
Friday is an upbeat day. When Virgo rules the moon, you may take on more than you should. Virgo’s desire for perfection coupled with a general feeling of euphoria, could cause you to overdo. Keep your TO DO list tight. And do not write down all the details…just enough to keep you on track. The trick is to keep your head clear and focused on your tasks without being obsessed. There is a tendency to be so caught up that you are actually inattentive to your general surroundings. That can lead to miscalculations, errors and a general felling that you made a critical error. As soon as your mind says the word, CRITICAL, back away. The downside of the desire for perfection is you ruthlessly criticize whatever is not up to your standard, that includes self-criticism, thus obsession takes over.
Moon Void in Virgo – Sep 13 @ 10:08p ET/7:08p PT to Sep 13 @ 10:41p ET/7:41p PT
Another short void period during the end of Sunday evening. Take time for yourself. Decompress and prepare for your new week.

Moon in Libra
Sep 13 @ 10:41p ET/7:41p PT


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