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Venus Retrograde 07/19/2015

Posted by simplyastrology in Life Cycles.
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Venus Retrograde – July 25th to September 6th

A Venus retrograde period is a double edged sword. Venus is one of the truly benefic planets in ones horoscope. Yet, when a planet is retrograde, some of its energy is held back. So, how can that help you?

First, Venus retrogrades tend to affect our health benefits plans. So, if you have been struggling with payments from the insurance company, this is the time to revisit your calls. Remember, be pleasant as Venus functions best when we employ our better side. If you have problems with getting clear answers about coverage, calls made during this period will be more productive.

Second, Venus retrogrades also affect pricing. If you are not careful, you will overpay for an item. So, take time to make sure you have checked out the competition. If you are buying real estate, you can find a deal if you do not let your love of the property cloud your bid. If you are selling real estate, this is also a good time. Make things look pretty and you can dazzle the buyer into giving the price you desire, rather than insisting on a low price.

Finally, you may feel the urge to make purchases of items of beauty. Although you can end up with a pretty bauble at a good price, it usually ends up differently.  Knickknacks are truly impulse items and you have less need and less resistance. Do all you can to resist, or at least get a second opinion from someone who is not vested in the purchase before you plunk down your cash

Enjoy this cycle. It will be as pleasant as you allow it to be.