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July 22, 2018 – No Lemonade from these Lemons 07/15/2018

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I’m always looking to make lemonade from lemons but sometimes there’s just no sugar around and we have to accept that lemons will be lemons.

July 22nd is just one of those days. The Sun enters its rulership, Leo. so, it’s truly feeling its strength – flexing powerful muscles. The Moon enters Sagittarius early in the day and gives new meaning to ‘carelessness’ and ‘tactlessness’. Mars is still retrograde which is like watching a racing car going backward at 100 mph. And, Mercury is only three days away from its retrograde and already toying with one’s sanity.

July 22nd is going to be a heck of a day. Whether it’s egos, fires, lies & deceit, unsafe speeds, computer glitches, car problems or missing papers, we’re in for a ride of a day.

Stay calm. Breathe deeply. Start the day with a centering meditation. There’s no sugar for these lemons, so make mild ‘lemon water’. Power down your own batteries and let the day pass. July 23rd is another day.

Saturn, Pluto and Anger 04/18/2018

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This is the first time in my life that both the winners and the losers in an election are angry. And, a full year, later everyone is still furious. Families and/or friends are still not speaking. Holidays are fractured events, coffee klatches abandoned.

Pluto, the destroyer, has done its job. No one likes it — no one. But the reality is that this country is flawed and needs to rebuild. In the past, however, we have shored up the crumbling facade and kept living in a structure that needed to be gutted and rebuilt. So, Pluto has taken things in hand. Pluto represents the total ‘gut job’ that reveals the “termites, rotted beams, substandard wiring, corroded plumbing, and unsupported outer shell” we’ve been ignoring. But all is not lost. And, the country is only a reflection of individual turmoils.

Saturn is making its 28-year trek through the zodiac and is headed towards Pluto, soon – very soon. Saturn, while in its ruling sign of Capricorn, is in a strong position. We can take the time to look at the real problems inside and outside ourselves. We can start to rebuild, solidly, in our lives, or we can try to skate by with quick fixes. Just be warned, Pluto is ready to annihilate shoddy work so do it right. The way to put out the fires of anger is to demolish the old structure and start again.

Maybe you can help heal relationships with lost family and friends. Or, maybe you must start anew. If you use the warnings of Pluto to avoid fooling yourself, and the strength of Saturn to create a strong, new foundation, the anger will fade and you will be making room for the new positive energy you want in your life. This is not about changing others to meet your needs; it is about changing yourself to meet your needs. Just be patient with, and kind to with yourself along the way.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse-Feb 2017 02/12/2017

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It’s been over a year since I last posted anything. My reason?  We can know so much. We can try to share what we know. But, when it becomes information for information’s sake instead of sharing the soul of the matter, it is less worthy. So, today I am writing from more than what “I know” academically, but also from how I feel. . . .the vibes I’m receiving from both nature and the people around me.

Nature. Whenever we have weather disturbances around a full Moon, the outcomes are one-sided. Thus, as we approached Feb. 1oth, there was unexpected and devastating tornado activity in New Orleans which is still not fully recovered from Hurricane Katrina. Then the snow. If you were outside the snow belt, it did not come near you. And if you were in it, the snow accumulation was the highest predicted – 3″ to 5″ = 5″; 8″ to 12″ = 12″; up to 15″ = 15″. The eclipse intensified the Moon’s ability. And, this time I knew it in my heart even before the numbers started coming in.

People. The dynamic at a full Moon is usually one of “seeing” across the divide and trying to achieve a balance, identifying the flaws and strengths so one can make better decisions. However, this time around that was very difficult for the usual Moon-oppose-Sun configuration because two of the most disruptive planets are battling it out across their own opposition – Jupiter and Uranus. Rather than seek balance, Uranus wants the revolution. Rather than seek compromise Jupiter wants everything its own way. This is connecting the dynamite to its detonator; unless both sides begin to realize that there must be some compromise, we are in for a ‘big bang’. That makes us feel unsettled and anxious. And, the eclipse pushed the internal buttons, not the external stuff others see. It’s what’s bothering us inside that has us turned upside down and frantic. The world around us drives us to distraction because the world inside us feels overwhelmed.

Those are the vibes that are surrounding us. What we have to remember is that we must seek our own inner truth. Then, decide how to achieve inner peace while handling the crazy energy that is affecting our eco-system and ourselves. Nothing will go away. You really must decide to do what is necessary. Be the lady who held on to her baby during the tornado and the person who pulled out a shovel or snow blower and cleared the way.

Just one last message. The eclipse chart contained a GRAND TRINE (Uranus, Saturn and the Moon) that promises it will be OK. Just act (Uranus) prudently (Saturn) and from true concern for yourself and others (Moon).

Moon Moods for Nov 30 – Dec 6 11/30/2015

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Moon Moods
Nov 30 – Dec 6

Monday and Tuesday
The Moon is in Leo as the week begins. This strongly “me” centered energy will bring out the kinder side. The way to soothe one’s ego will be to feel you are helping the wheels go smoothly. Take advantage of this easy energy to undertake difficult tasks. Whether you are catering to another, or someone is pampering you, it will feel fulfilling. Arguments fade away with just a little flexibility on your part. No matter how much of a challenge you meet, it only takes gracious words, gestures or attitudes on your behalf to keep life upbeat and pleasant. BE NICE.
The Moon enters its void in Leo on Tuesday @ 10:09 PM ET/7:09 PM PT. It’s late enough to lead to pleasant dreams. And, if you’re still up and about, make sure you treat yourself and those around you very well. A lovely dessert, a generous tip, a truly grateful smile or a loving hug will tie up this period quite nicely.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
The Moon enters Virgo on Wednesday @ 5:09 AM ET/2:09 AM PT. So the day will start with Tuesday’s energy still lingering in the air, but with a bit of an edge you may not be able to identify. Follow your instincts. Virgo energy pushes you to either hide your head in the sand or check every detail. Avoid getting bogged down but check every detail. Things may not be as they seem, or you may miscalculate. Work carefully. Double check your numbers, facts, etc. Be prepared if you are challenged about details. If you don’t have the facts, don’t pretend you do. Also, be careful how much you commit to do. It will be easy to find you have more on your plate than can be accomplished with the resources at hand. Make commitments with restraint. Apportion your time even more carefully than you budget your money.
The Moon enters its void in Virgo on Thursday @ 11:59 PM ET/8:59 PM PT. It’s difficult to wrap up the week when you spend a chunk of Friday in this energy. It’s especially challenging because Libra energy clicks in with a strong push. Spend the void period finishing, finishing, finishing. This is also a good time to clear your desk or work area of papers and/or materials that you do not need. Make things tidy and orderly.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
The Moon enters Libra on Friday @ 5:33 PM ET/2:33 PM PT. Whatever is left to do, do it. Leave things in order if you’re not working over the weekend, then head out. HOWEVER, if Saturday and Sunday are workdays, or you have serious commitments, minimize any Friday night fun. Both Saturday and Sunday have the potential to be very busy and the those around you may be pushy. Libra energy fairs best when you are diplomatic and gracious but circumstances often push boundaries and you might not have the tolerance you need. Be as flexible as you can.
The Moon enters its void period in Libra on Sunday @ 9:02 AM ET/6:02 PM PT. This may be the perfect time to write letters, read a book, check out the news. Think, then let go of the week. Because you’ll be sleeping during a void night, make sure you set your alarm clock or you might oversleep.

The Moon enters Scorpio on Monday @ 6:25 AM ET/3:25 AM PT

Moon Moods for Nov 23 – 29 11/23/2015

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Moon Moods
Nov 23 – Nov 29
Full Moon
Nov 25 @ 5:44 PM ET/2:44 PM PT

Monday and Tuesday
The Moon enters Taurus on Monday @ 11:35 AM ET/8:25 AM PT. That means you begin your Monday during a void Aries energy. Despite the void, this is not a “down time.” Aries will give a last push in the dark. Keep your wits about you. Life will slow down as soon as Taurus enters the picture. However, it will be Taurus with a purpose. Monday and Tuesday should be more harmonious than you might expect. The key is to be calm and focused. Whether you are shopping, working, or traveling, a deliberate, sensible approach will bring positive results.
The Taurus void period starts Tuesday @ 8:25 PM ET/5:25 PM PT. Use this time to wrap up loose ends. Pull things together. You have a few hours on Wednesday as well. You may have regrets if you haven’t used your time well during this void.

Wednesday and Thursday
The Moon enters Gemini on Wednesday @ 12:15 PM ET/9:15 AM PT. Wednesday is the more challenging day for two reasons. First, you move from mellow Taurus to cantankerous Gemini. Second, the Moon is full on Wednesday and we know the craziness of a full Moon. Instead of yielding to the tensions in the air, stop and really observe body language, facial expressions and even one’s choice of words. The plus of the full Moon is insight and clarity. This is a cycle when thinking twice will save you much drama. My best advice, however, is for you to wait until Friday afternoon if you intend to start your Christmas shopping this weekend.
The Gemini void period starts Thursday @ 10:35 PM ET/7:53 PM PT. If you don’t have to work on Friday, stay home and out of the stores. Just enjoy the time off. Read, call friends, start addressing your Christmas cards.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
The Moon enters Cancer on Friday @ 2:26 PM ET/11:26 AM PT. Experiment with leftovers, indulge in a pie-fest, enjoy your family. The teasing, differences and similarities are all part of the fabric…memories. However, some of you must work. Look at your work situation as a family get-together with all the fun and dysfunction. The way to keep your sanity is to 1) avoid needless confrontations, 2) all the people in charge to have the last word, and 3) expect things to change no matter how well you planned originally.
The Cancer void period starts on Sunday @ 7:45 AM ET/4:45 AM PT. This void period lasts for 12 hours. The best thing to do on a void Sunday is nothing. However, if you need to return items, this is the time to do it.

The Moon enters Leo today @ 7:47 PM ET/4:47 PM PT. If you’re out and about, the tone may change significantly. Leo energy often invites irritations to the ego. Since many people are bustling about with shopping, or rushing to return home for Monday, it will be easy to lose a temper or be self-centered. If you’re giving it out, say you’re sorry and “mean” it. Otherwise, make allowances for others who are just to preoccupied with their own needs to comprehend that they were impolite or oblivious. End the week well. You know this will pass as well.

Happy Thanksgiving

Moon Moods for Nov 16-22 11/16/2015

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Moon Moods for Nov 16-22

The Moon entered Capricorn on Saturday @ 7:21 PM ET/4:21 PM PT
A Capricorn Moon is a good way to start the week. Time to handle responsibilities at work. There may be many unexpected duties, but nothing you can’t handle if you are flexible and open. Be ready to change direction. It’s not time to be stubborn; it’s time to listen, evaluate and act. Just because the idea didn’t come from you does not mean you are not being a leader.
The Capricorn Moon enters a void period @ 3:52 PM ET/12:52 PM PT. The plans you’ve put in place can be completed before the day is over. Use the void to finish up.
The Moon enters Aquarius @ 11:24 PM PT.

Tuesday & Wednesday
The Moon enters Aquarius on Tuesday @ 2:24 AM ET. So we all awaken to sparkling Aquarius energy. On Tuesday most problems have easy solutions. Take advantage of the easier flow. Share ideas. Be confident when you offer ideas. No need to push, just plant the seed. The energy is strong but not pushy so you may have a tendency to see solutions and put them off, or, worse, ignore them as too easy. Don’t waste your Tuesday energy. Wednesday, on the other hand, is a little more challenging. You might pick the wrong words and end up in a tiff you did not expect. That’s why it’s important to handle as many tricky/sticky issues as possible on Tuesday.
The Aquarius Moon enters its void period on Thursday @ 3:19 AM ET/12:19 AM PT. Most of us will sleep through this one. So, pleasant dreams.

Thursday & Friday
The Moon enters Pisces on Thursday @ 7:21 AM ET/4:21 AM PT. Most of Thursday may seem like you’re working in a fog or without the support, supervision or tools you need. As the day develops that ‘feeling’ will get stronger. Take time to plan on paper. You don’t want to forget any details or assignments. Write it down. When the day is over you may want a drink of whatever beverage you like to calm your nerves – wine, vodka, milk or water. Be extremely prudent. Meditation and sleep will probably be a better option. Friday is less irritating but equally taxing as you may end the week with more leftover work than you prefer. Remember, it’s just another passing cycle.
The Pisces Moon enters its void period on Saturday @ 8:22 AM ET/5:22 AM PT. This is a short period – only 2 hours. Delay starting your day’s work. Take a little extra time over your morning coffee or reading the newspaper, or meditating. Get your head in the right place for an interesting Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday & Sunday
The Moon enters Aries on Saturday @ 10:12 AM ET/7:21 AM PT. First, Aries definitely ignites the day. We are at a very busy season. Be careful at the wheel. Take time when you make purchases. Avoid rushing or being hasty. Everything and everybody is on the move and moving fast. Although Saturday is the easier day of the two, this is not an easy weekend. The push to move, do, finish is going full speed. Although you can probably get cooperation, you may not have the patience you need to do the diplomatic thing. Whether you are the customer or the clerk, it will be easy to turn a simple request into a tug of war without knowing how you got there. Sunday can be a tug of war because compromise is not in the air. If you let negativity take hold before the void, you will ruin your weekend. Despite the impetuosity of an Aries Moon, it can also bring out your charmingly impish side. Think positive; think twice.
The Aries Moon enters its void period on Sunday @ 2:19 PM ET/11:19 AM ET. Decompress and let the day die away. Leave stress behind.

Scorpio New Moon 11/09/2015

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New Moon in Scorpio
Nov 11 @ 12:48p ET/9:48a PT

New Moons are an opportunity to ‘begin again.’ The trick is to determine WHAT to begin again. With this year’s Scorpio Moon, the way to identify what will best suit your path is to look inside yourself…be introspective. You need to engage in self-examination and soul-searching. That does not mean you dredge up all your old angst; it means you ‘look’ at your past and how mistakes have made you better AND how many times you’ve made the right choice either thoughtfully or by chance. Then, decide what to do next to move forward. What is it you truly want. You can find the magic already in your life; you can start over and create new magic. It is all within and these are the perfect planetary influences to help you.

First, Mercury is in partnership with the Moon and Sun. Mercury rules your ability to think. Since the New Moon is a time of darkness, you have a period when you can mull things over without the pressure of making a decision. Take some time to think about what you want…dream. Second, Jupiter is in a complimentary position to the Moon, Sun and Mercury. Jupiter brings optimism. So, you can find something positive in even the most difficult past challenges. Finally, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and Moon are in a special configuration with Uranus. It’s called a YOD – sometimes called the “Finger of God” or the “Finger of Fate.” (It’s not a fickle finger of fate.) The YOD pulls all the energies together, harmoniously,  for your use. All you have to do is put all you’ve learned to work for you.

Uranus will shake things up for you. Mercury will aid your planning. Jupiter will establish your desire. The Sun and Moon have created the New Moon, your starting point. Ready? Get set. Gooooo!

Moon Moods for Nov 9 – 15 11/09/2015

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Moon Moods
New Moon in Scorpio
Nov 11th @ 12:48p ET/9:48p PT

The Libra Moon is in a void period until 11:02 pm ET/8:02 pm PT. This void started Saturday and lasted throughout the weekend. Expect to be a little out of kilter on Monday. It will be difficult to start things. If you felt like you didn’t do much over the weekend, that feeling will continue through today. If you felt you completed many tasks, then you used this long void period wisely. Continue “finishing” tasks.
The Moon enters Scorpio today @ 11:02 pm ET/8:02 pm PT

Tuesday, Wednesday & early Thursday
With the Moon in Scorpio you may feel emotionally drained when demands are placed upon you. Take things in stride. Look for creative ways to solve problems. Stop, close your eyes and see the solution. Then make your plan practical. Leave room to make changes but move forward. Don’t be stubborn or so opinionated that you can’t recognize acceptable alternatives. Look for the win-win in every challenge.
The Scorpio Moon enters a void period on Thursday @ 9:54 am ET/6:54 am PT. You may be at your wits’ end but this is a short void period – less than 20 minutes – so hold your tongue and think twice. No need to encourage a tiff. Be flexible.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday
The Moon enters Sagittarius on Thursday @ 10:13 am ET/7:13 am PT. If you were smart and thought first rather than argue, any compromise will produce surprisingly pleasant results. Even if you lost your temper, you still have an opportunity to amend your position with positive results. There aren’t a lot of ‘downs’ for this period. You are less prone to over commit your time and/or resources, so you can remain in a good place, mentally and emotionally. A few of your more grandiose plans may not work out, but you won’t be terribly upset in the long run . . . only for the short term.
The Sagittarius Moon enters a void period on Friday @ 10:18 pm ET/7:18 pm PT. You will spend much of Saturday under this influence. Line up tasks to finish. Try to avoid being lazy and decadent. You may prefer doing nothing. You may be too lazy to be playful. Go outdoors and do something.

Saturday & Sunday
The Moon enters Capricorn on Saturday @ 7:21 pm ET/4:21 pm PT. If you’re out late, be caution about verbal encounters. There is a distinct possibility that you’re drawn to argue or be irritated. If so, you’ll show it. Don’t let bickering or other negative encounters define your weekend. Sunday is influenced by your attitude. Even if you have to work, remember that you can treat responsibilities as overwhelming or as opportunities to use your imagination and skills. You also have permission to engage others if you need help. Sidle up to them and get cooperation and the hands you require.

Moon Moods for Nov 2 – 8 11/01/2015

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Moon Moods
Nov 2-9

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Moon void in Cancer @ 2:07am ET/Sunday @ 11:07pm PT
The day starts with emotional Cancer coloring the way you think about things. Before you leave that energy behind, review your weekend’s thoughts and activities. Plan your Monday knowing you will make changes. But it’s always a good idea to incorporate that ‘caring’ energy into your original thoughts.
The Cancer void period ends and the Moon enters Leo on Monday @ ET/7:47am PT.
It’s important to use today’s time carefully and wisely as there is a long void during the Leo Moon. Take out your plans, set out your action steps to make your plans work, especially anything dealing with contracts, lectures, meetings and internet or telephone communication. Tackle the hard things. As Monday fades into Tuesday, you’ll find the going is easier. Remember that Leo is a strong and, sometimes, overpowering energy. Don’t use this time to push others around. Use your best diplomatic skills to convince others that your ideas are the more productive. Emphasize what can be accomplished.
The Leo void begins on Tuesday at 7:23am ET/4:23am PT.
It’s void all day. You have the energy to do anything you put into motion before the void. Even big jobs are doable. There will be enough time. That is the plus side of void energy…you get to finish what you started, no matter how big the job. The minus is that you might be tempted to laziness.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
The Leo void period ends and the Moon enters Virgo on Wednesday @ 9:22pm ET/6:22pm PT.
After such a long void period it may be a challenge to tackle all the details coming at you Thursday and Friday. You’ll find more challenges on Thursday. “Was your plan more productive?” “Did you see things clearly?” Take a deep breath. You can choose to treat the stress as a reason to be argumentative. You can doubt your ability. BUT, it’s really an opportunity to show how well you planned and how willing you are to make needed adjustments. Stay calm on Thursday and slide through Friday. Take some time to exhale on Friday. You did it!
The Virgo void begins on Saturday @ 7:47am ET/4:47am PT.
It lasts only a few hours and you may actually sleep through it. If you have an early schedule for Saturday, make sure you set your alarm clock. Otherwise, enjoy the extra sleep.

Saturday and Sunday
The Virgo void ends and the Moon enters Libra on Saturday @ 10:14am ET/7:14am PT.
Do you clean the house, wash the car, perform yard work on Saturdays? If so, get on it. Don’t stress it, just do it. Be prepared to deal with missing items…detergent? tools? Be flexible and good humored. A good attitude will make things right. Sunday, on the other hand, may actually be a little more stressful. Perhaps someone who has power over you will flex his/her muscles. Perhaps you planned well and your plans go awry in an unexpected way. The strongest energy Libra brings to the table is diplomacy and strength. Draw on these talents to get you through. All Moon cycles…easy and stressful…are just cycles. They come and go. This one ends Monday evening. Bring all your brilliance, ingenuity and wisdom to this one. It is what the Libra Moon is all about.

Moon Moods for October 26 – Nov 1 10/26/2015

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Full Moon in Taurus
Oct 27 8:06 AM ET/5:06 AM PT

This is a very earth-bound Full Moon. Keep your thoughts and actions as concrete and practical as you can. Despite the Moon’s strong influence on how one ‘feels’, there is mutiny in the air. Five (5) planets are in very flexible signs. These planets, which include playful Jupiter and impish Mars, may inspire you to engage in impractical actions. It will seem like fun while you’re doing it. Do not let these guys fool you. However, do let go a little and enjoy. They are urging you to live, not just exist.

Moon enters Aries
Oct 25 @ 2:22 AM ET/Oct 24 @ 11:22 PM PT
Moon enters void @ 8:26 AM ET/5:26 AM PT
Despite the intense Aries energy, the day does not move as quickly as you might like while it hangs out in the void. Use this time to gather information and organize your schedule. It’s best to put off new projects today but remember to generate your schedule for the week. Examine your to-do list carefully and watch for quirky items that might prove more difficult to handle In general it’s a decent week but you can step it up by employing some Aries’ drive. If you have any difficult meetings, take time to double-check your facts. Your thinking might not be clear. Double check times, places and/or directions.
Moon enters Taurus at 11:08 PM PT, Monday

Tuesday & Wednesday
Moon enters Taurus @ 2:07 AM ET
The Full Moon starts the day. This is a double duty day. First, your dealings with the opposite sex might seem difficult. Breathe and keep your wits about you. Second, the Full Moon helps make every thing clear and more open. You can’t hide much and not much can be hidden from you.
For those who write, design or are managers/owners your interactions, projects and tasks will move along smoothly. Do all you can and enjoy any cooperation you receive. It’s natural to want to be helpful right now.
Void in Taurus, Oct 28 @ 11:20 AM ET/8:20 AM PT
Remember that void periods are excellent for finishing the old. Put the finishing touches on whatever needs doing and get to bed early. You’ll want to be at your best Thursday and Friday.
Moon enters Gemini @ 11:24 PM PT, Wednesday

Thursday & Friday
Moon enters Gemini @ 2:24 AM ET
Prepare for two days of changing winds. Your job is to go with the flow. Be flexible in thoughts and deeds. Stand up for what you believe but that does not mean you have to beat the other person into submission. Make sure your needs are included on some level and then be gracious. The atmosphere can be as pleasant or as toxic as you allow.
Void in Gemini, Oct 30 @ 10:51 PM ET/7:51 PM PT
With such a late void period, it’s best to just end your day, get some sleep and be ready for Saturday’s adventures.

Saturday & Sunday
Moon enters Cancer @ 5:09 AM ET/2:09 AM    PT
This promises to be a pleasant weekend. It’s not just the Halloween festivities, but your reactions. This is a time of simple joys. If you’re not in the habit of wearing costumes, think about doing it this year. Just let your hair down and have a good time. If Halloween is not your thing, then take in a movie, visit a favorite museum or park. Look up a new age store and join them for a meditation hour. Do whatever makes you feel free in body, mind and spirit.