Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde – July 25th to September 6th

A Venus retrograde period is a double edged sword. Venus is one of the truly benefic planets in ones horoscope. Yet, when a planet is retrograde, some of its energy is held back. So, how can that help you?

First, Venus retrogrades tend to affect our health benefits plans. So, if you have been struggling with payments from the insurance company, this is the time to revisit your calls. Remember, be pleasant as Venus functions best when we employ our better side. If you have problems with getting clear answers about coverage, calls made during this period will be more productive.

Second, Venus retrogrades also affect pricing. If you are not careful, you will overpay for an item. So, take time to make sure you have checked out the competition. If you are buying real estate, you can find a deal if you do not let your love of the property cloud your bid. If you are selling real estate, this is also a good time. Make things look pretty and you can dazzle the buyer into giving the price you desire, rather than insisting on a low price.

Finally, you may feel the urge to make purchases of items of beauty. Although you can end up with a pretty bauble at a good price, it usually ends up differently.  Knickknacks are truly impulse items and you have less need and less resistance. Do all you can to resist, or at least get a second opinion from someone who is not vested in the purchase before you plunk down your cash

Enjoy this cycle. It will be as pleasant as you allow it to be.

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Virgo Full Moon – March 5, 2015

This is the last full Moon before the Spring Equinox. It is a time when your sight is clearer. You may not like what you see, but you can see life and outcomes with clarity. Take time to think, reflect, examine.

This full Moon is in Virgo, a fitting sign for you to inspect, examine and organize. So, use this energy to improve your cycle of living. Spend some time in quiet. If the sky is clear on Thursday evening, you will see a bright Moon. But even if the Moon is blocked from view by clouds, it is still there and is still a symbol of clarity. You need to dig deep into your feelings. Listen to your inner voice…the one that is trying to reveal your deepest desires…and visualize the life you want.

Here is the key. Focus on what you want. If you want companionship, then say it. Leave out the negative, include the positive. In a couple of weeks you will experience the equinox and a solar eclipse. Both are new beginnings. Be ready for those new beginnings. Review your dream board and make an effort to gather the pictures that will turn your dreams into reality. Winter is coming to a close. The earth will soon revitalize and begin a new growing cycle. You need to get in time with that cycle and take this opportunity to revitalize your life as well.

Jupiter is promising to give you all you request so be careful about what you really want. It will take some doing and there may be many twists and turns to get where you want to go. The important thing is to make the journey worthwhile. And, take a moment to review the past 12 months. Choose every good thing that you can remember, no matter how trivial or important, be grateful and smile. It’s all about attitude. You are what you think and feel.


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New Moon, New Year

What better time to return to my blog than at a new Moon. And this is the SECOND new Moon in Aquarius. It’s time to remind you to prepare for the new year. The New Moon, a time of new beginnings, is February 18th. The Chinese New Year is February 19th. The astrological New Year (vernal equinox) is March 20th. Lots of “new” events in the next thirty days.

It’s a perfect time to energize the ‘now’ in our lives. Astrologically, the Sun & Moon are united; Venus & Mars are united. The emphasis on the yin/yang energy is strong. Also, this is the Chinese year of the wood goat, and Saturn, the goat, is in a “give a little” relationship with Mercury, the thinker. That is, Saturn is not asking you to give up your point of view. It’s asking you to be flexible enough to yield a little in the name of peace. This applies to all the activities that reflect our tendency to tighten our grip and hold our position at any cost – love, money, relationships, etc. The Sun/Moon-Venus/Mars combination is all about seeking balance and harmony to achieve joy.

During this lunar cycle you need to reassess the past 12 months. Take time to formulate resolutions that enhance and promote your physical, mental and emotional well-being. But, take your time.

Remember, at the new Moon the earth is dark. We get to see the stars. In short, we get to see the forest of heavenly lights. Time to contemplate the bigger picture. Formulate your dreams, hopes and wishes for the next cycle – habits/activities you want to end and those you want to add. Begin thinking about the new year you’ll create at the vernal equinox. If you have a dream board, look it over. It’ll soon be time to revitalize & update it. If you’ve never made one, go to my website,; click on the Article Archive tab in the right hand column and choose Your Dream Board.

Until next time.
Happy New…

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Wolf Moon/Full Moon

Full Moon
Wolf Moon
January 15th
11:52 pm ET/8:52 pm PT

The full Moon brings out the wolf in us. The full Moon brings out the emotions in us. And, this full Moon in Cancer is call the Wolf Moon. Thus, we will have a big dose of emotional and physical energy.

Use this magnificent power to burst out of lethargy. Allow yourself to let go and revel in joy. As you approach this event, you may find you’re feeling positive for no particular reason. Embrace crazy joy. If you’re feeling a little down, it’s because you’re bottling up the positive. Sometimes it seems weird to feel “ok” when everything in your life is not alright. The way to turn that corner is to let go of the negative and enjoy the moment. It’s acceptable to stop banging your head on the wall. It’s fine to let pain go for awhile. So no matter how you feel – up or down – allow in the happiness.

Wolves love this wonderful bright time. They look for the feast within winter’s famine. They howl with joy and frolic with their comrades. Follow their lead. Look up at that full, glorious Moon and sing…aloud or only in your heart…but sing. Connect with friends. Follow your instincts. Have fun. Be free.

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Venus Retrograde

We’ve been experiencing a Venus Retrograde since December.

The Venus Retrograde ends
Jan 31st 3:48 pm ET/12:48 pm PT

When Venus retrogrades, you feel the affects in two important aspects of your life – love and money.
It’s not about the passion,  but the purity of your feelings.
It’s not about the money you squirrel away, but the money you spend or withhold in the name of “security.”
Take a look at those you love and how you treat them. Examine your budget and the activities that affect your feelings of financial security – savings, retirement plans, health and life insurance.
It’s not about being a miser or a spendthrift. It’s about what you think is necessary to make you feel happy inside. That is, what must you do about the people and external world around you to feel truly joyful and content.

When the retrograde ends, you may not be able to retrieve that insight for quite a while so use this period to examine these areas. Take all actions from a perspective of love and caring. These will not steer you wrong.

Hint: It’s not about quantity; it’s about quality.

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New Moon In Sagittarius

New Moon
December 2nd
7:22 pm ET/4:22 pm PT

This is the last New Moon of the calendar year. It’s also the last New Moon of this astrological quarter. (The next quarter starts with the Solstice).

Set your intentions to “reap” the abundance of the universe. Don’t be afraid to set your sights high. Allow yourself to have desires, then reach for what you want with your heart and your soul.

The best feature of this New Moon is that you have 24 hours to formulate your Wish List and write an Abundance Check. That means you have time to THINK about it. The New Moon in Sagittarius is about energy and action. Put those concepts into operation in your life. There is nothing to fear but inaction. Be passionate, spirited, zealous. Take charge of your life. Be excited and enthusiastic.

Leave behind any tendency to judge yourself or others with harshness.
Have fun thinking about the future. And,


Happy Holidays

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New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

New Moon & Solar Eclipse
November 3, 2013
7:50 am ET/4:50 am PT

The world is experiencing the harsh effects of Pluto and Uranus. Uranus shakes things up, encourages revolution. The problem with Uranus, however, is that it may not build on reason. Once things are torn down there may not be any schedule to rebuild. On the other hand, Pluto, the ultimate destroyer, always has a plan. Like the forest fire that leaves behind it a place for the new seedlings to grow afresh, Pluto doesn’t destroy thoughtlessly. These two planets are not in harmony, thus life in general pulls from both sides. You, are caught in the middle.

Thus, WE WELCOME this solar eclipse. It sways the energies in the direction of Pluto…anything that is destroyed can be replaced with something fresher. Further, this eclipse emphasizes one’s emotional side and avoids detached, analytical tendencies. Six of the ten planets are in water signs…caring, nurturing, protecting are the strengths of the water signs. And a solar eclipse which is an energy of new beginnings helps us see new opportunities in terms of society as a whole rather than as me, me, me.

Sunday can be a remarkable day if you embrace your better side. Think of how you truly want to be treated. What do you want for yourself? How do you want to FEEL about your life. Look at the people in your life from your family to the sales associate with whom you have no personal ties. How do you want them to make you feel? Then, resolve to treat them the way you want to be treated. This SOLAR ECLIPSE is all about the opportunity to be creative within your life and to take those first steps to make your dreams come true with the understanding that you can not be truly happy if the world around you is sad and suffering.

AND, keep all this positive energy in mind when you create your New Moon Wish List (opportunities for YOU) and write your abundance check.  The void Moon period begins at 11:23 pm ET/8:23 pm PT. You have about 15 hours after the eclipse/new Moon to create your new world. It’s not about thinking it out; it’s about allowing your feelings to guide you. Remember, positive feelings point you to the upbeat path and negative feelings send you spiraling down. Please take every lemon in your life and turn it into lemonade.

Time for new beginnings.

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